Elan Vanilla Farm – Jamaica

Elan Vanilla Farm in Hope Bay, Portland, Jamaica

Here is another adventure shared by Angela Foote:

The Vanilla plant is like an orchid and bears a flower which has to be hand-pollinated with a tooth pick as we don’t have the bees that do that here.

When the pods bear, it takes 9 months to maturity and has to be wrapped individually in a “blanket” and placed in the sun each day and “wrapped” again at night.

This farm used to produce one million pods at one time but Hurricane Ivan damaged 10 acres of the property and export has cut down drastically. They used to export to USA.

We left there and went to eat at the new seafood restaurant called LiKKLE Portie in Portland. They do rafting on Daniel River. You can also swim in the sea nearby. There are lots of hammocks to relax under the cool palm trees. Somerset Falls is across the road and the tractor man brings patrons from the falls to eat at Likkle Portie.

It was then to Annotto Bay to the oldest Anglican church (St.James), built in 1910, and you can see the tunnel where the train used to pass under. The organ is no longer in use.

The red church is the oldest Baptist Church built in the 1800s.

Then the oldest market: Metcalfe Market built in the 1800s as well and named after the then Governor, Sir Charles Metcalfe.

  • plant                Pflanze
  • to bear             tragen
  • to pollinate       bestäuben
  • tooth pick         Zahnstocher
  • pod                  Schote
  • maturity            Reife
  • to wrap             einwickeln
  • blanket             Decke
  • to place             legen
  • used to            pflegte, wie “hat früher einmal gemacht”
  • acre                 4047 m2
  • property           Besitz
  • to cut down      reduzieren, abhacken, töten
  • likkle                Jamaican slang for„little“
  • rafting              Flossfahren
  • hammock         Hängematte
  • tractor man       Traktorfahrer
  • patron              Gast
  • falls                 Wasserfall
  • then                 damalig